Project coordination:

NORCE, Climate division, Norway: Markus Eckerstorfer

Collaborating partners:

University of Oslo, Department of Geosciences: Sebastian Westermann, Bernd Etzelm├╝ller

University of Bergen, Department of Earth Science: Jostein Bakke, Willem G.M. van der Bilt

R&D suppliers:

Humboldt University, Germany: Moritz Langer

Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany: Julia Boike, Guido Grosse, Hugues Lantuit

University of Hamburg, Germany: Joachim Otto Habeck

Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) – Cold and Arid Regions Environment and Engineering Research Institute, China: Tonghua Wu, Xiadong Wu

Moscow State University, Russia: Valery Grebenets

University of Alaska at Fairbanks, International Arctic Research Center (IARC), USA: Erin Trochim, Go Iwahana